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Bring your pet and leave the dirty work to us. Our friendly staff can provide a low-stress wash with all-natural, top-of-the-line products that best suit your pet’s needs.

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A wet dog in the middle of a bath
A fluffy little dog running in the grass wearing a plaid harness
A fluffy little dog with a red and white shirt on
This place does an amazing job!! I took my Westie here for the first time and they did such a great job doing a skirt for her. I will definitely be back. Thank y’all!– Lauren N.
Take my Husky and my Long Hair Dachshund to be groomed regularly here. Very efficient and high-quality grooming. Dogs are happy here- they take good care of my long-haired fur babies.– Angela D.
“These guys took great care of both my pups, one of whom is a very nervous boy. Happy K9 did a marvelous job working with Whitman to make him comfortable and get him bathed and shaved! These folks are true animal lovers and a credit to the business of pet care.” – Rob H.
“Best place in town! Happy K9 Staff, especially Bri! They should get an award for how they make us feel! Dixie smells like shampoo for 3 weeks after her bath! They do an incredible job and my fur baby loves them! We love them!” – Kerri B.
“ decibelle’s first visit was awesome. i think she even wanted to stay a little longer! the staff are super friendly and have a true love for our pawed family members.” – Melissa m.

you wash

With our easy-to-use raised wash tubs and array of quality products, we’ve got everything you need for a Do-It-Yourself wash. And our knowledgeable staff is always there to lend a hand or make a recommendation.

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small wet chihuahua with bubbles on it's head